Power Down Pete

This morning we had a fun and informative visit from Power Down Pete, who taught us about Carbon Footprints - 'It's nothing to do with the size of your shoe!'

We learnt how we can analyse and reduce our impact on the planet. We were most surprised by our own electrical charge, which we did an experiment to prove (making an electrical circuit with our bodies), and the 'energy vampires' in our houses - anything with a red light or a glow is sucking energy from the sockets! If it isn't switched off at the socket it is probably still using electricity!

Did you know that even if something like a toaster isn't being used but the switch at the wall is on, it still uses a tiny bit of electricity? And did you know that if you leave a charger on even without the phone attached it is still sucking energy from the socket? Our other favourite moment was discovering that there exists a spork (spoon/fork) that is edible, to reduce plastic waste!

We have pledged to try and be less wasteful and be as creative as the inventor of the edible spork in finding ways to look after our planet.

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