Early Years Foundation Stage

Young children learn best through first-hand experience and when they are interested and motivated to learn, they develop a love of learning. We aim to provide every child with the skills to become a happy, independent and curious lifelong learner. Our priority is that our provision provides a high level of engagement and active learning through a range of  learning opportunities. Ultimately, we help children today to prepare for their tomorrow. In our school, we  recognise  that every child is unique. We understand that children develop in individual ways and at varying rates. We want our children to be independent and self-motivated learners, encouraging the children to adapt their work, think critically and take risks with their learning.   

Our EYFS Curriculum   

  • is at the heart of our learning journey approach   

  • is distinctive, innovative and strategically planned with the  children’s interests  in mind   

  • is reviewed in the light of national developments, new thinking and research and development  

  • introduces challenging, engaging and real-life problems  and situations   

  • strives to encourage and develop a love of learning   

  • lets  learning happen within a child -centred  approach   

  • ensures resources and apparatus are available to support learning at every stage of development   

  • ensures all areas of learning are regarded with the same level of importance and are interlinked in learning  

  • provides the foundation blocks to enable children to access their next stage in learning   

  • includes fundamental British values to teach children a sense of self and belonging; enabling them to learn and stay true to the values that make people good human beings   

  • ensures that children learn to live together peacefully, with each of them playing a valuable role in the multicultural world in which they live   

  • is linked  to whole school progression documents