We enjoy singing, making music, listening to music and dancing to music of all different types.

For a small school we can definitely make ourselves heard musically. We sing in church regularly and learn traditional and modern songs during term time. We put on concerts for parents, family and friends at Christmas and in Summer time.

Children’s own musical talents are encouraged and children often play their own choice of instruments and their favourite pieces of music within a concert.

We get involved with cluster, rural and local events such as singing at the Royal Hall in Harrogate and joining a choir of local rural schools for an amazing carol concert at Holy Trinity Church in Ripon.

We learn the same songs as our Federated School at Skelton Newby Hall CE Primary so that when we do join together for different events we can sing together.

We have music lessons each week where children experiment with a wide range of musical instruments and develop their understanding of basic musical knowledge with practical  fun activities.

We have many children who are particularly interested in dance, they go to dance classes out of school and we also have a dance teacher who teaches across the Federation. This enables the children to experience a wider range of contemporary and modern music and understand different  types of dance movements suitable for different types of music.

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