PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education) and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)

At Sharow CE Primary School, we value the impact that a comprehensive Personal, Social, Health and Economic education has on our children. We follow the Kapow scheme of work but plan responsively, ensuring that we address the needs of specific cohorts, and the needs that we have identified for our individual schools/ local contexts.

PSHE is taught weekly in every class as a discrete lesson.  Topics of learning are delivered as a spiral curriculum throughout the children's time in primary school, building cumulatively so that the content of teaching and learning is always age-appropriate.

The PSHE curriculum is taught using a variety of approaches. Discussions, debates, stories and written work are just a few of the approaches we use. Teaching is also linked to the children’s lives and experiences to ensure that it is relevant to them and that they are able to apply it in their daily lives to keep themselves safe and healthy - both physically and emotionally.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) forms a vital part of our curriculum, both within PSHE lessons and beyond, and supports our pupils throughout their childhood as well as preparing them for adult life.

RSE teaches the children how to form and expect healthy and positive relationships with other human beings, in both online and offline contexts, regardless of differences such as age, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity and religion. Our commitment to considering the RSE curriculum in all aspects of school life, including school displays, classroom visuals, lesson resources, reading materials, break times, and all other curriculum subjects, means that our children are immersed in a culture of inclusion and equality, thereby ensuring that they grow up to embrace difference and accept others without prejudice or discrimination.

RSE also includes the discrete teaching of aspects that are delivered through PSHE lessons such as puberty and sex education.  Please refer to the Relationships and Sex Policy for more information.