Scavenger Hunt

It all started as a normal day... until playtime! 

All of Class 3 were outside on the field (even Miss Tye was on duty). When we came in ready to start our maths lesson there was a mysterious sprinkle of glitter and two envelopes on the classroom floor. We immediately looked around and spotted that Humphrey and Gloria were missing! 

Promptly, we opened the envelopes to discover rhyming clues which led us on a scavenger hunt around school. We looked high and low, far and wide.

Our search took us to the library, into Mrs Walker's office, Class 5's classroom, the greenhouse, Class 1's garden and finally we discovered them both hiding in the hive!

It was lots of fun being detectives but we have split Humphrey and Gloria up so they can't play any more tricks on us.

Submitted by Alice Tye on