Bland Close Farm

Yesterday Class 2 and 3 enjoyed a trip to Bland Close Farm. The farm is a working mixed farm so the children were able to learn lots about the different jobs there.

We enjoyed a walk to a field to tune into nature, feeding the pigs some boiled eggs and giving them back scratches with brooms then meeting the alpacas. The alpacas were very intrigued by us and we had to be very quiet because they are nervous creatures.

Later, we worked in rotation learning about how they feed the animals with different grains and the weight cows need to be to go to market. We weighed ourselves to see if we were as heavy as a cow and even all of us in together we were still too light!

Then we learnt about the wheat journey, looked at stems and learnt that the top section is called an ear. We discovered how wheat is then ground down in a mill and realised that this is what makes flour.  After we went to discover the lifecycle of a chick and got a chance to handle some 3 day old chicks. 

After lunch we went on a walk back to the field to create our journey sticks to show all of our learning over the course of the day. 

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