Jubilee Celebration

In true British style, on Wednesday for our Royal Tea lunch party, the heavens opened and whilst Class 1, 2 and 3 managed to stay dry under the shelter Class 4 and 5 retreated to the dry and warmth of their classrooms. However, this didn’t deter the true spirit of a traditional street party!

It was lovely to have so many parents join their children in the classrooms on Wednesday afternoon to see their child at work and putting their creative skills to the test.

Each child was gifted a Platinum Jubilee Coin from a Parishioner during Collective Worship at St John’s Church (thank you to St John’s Church and FOSS for the contribution towards the cost). Sharow children were gifted a wooden commemorative coin from Ripon Rowels and the children at Skelton school were gifted a Jubilee mug.