Welcome to Sharow Church of England School

Message from the Head Teacher

Children learn because they love it and they are happy just to be at school. We promote Christian values of respect for one another, friendship, curiosity, tolerance of difference and self esteem. The heart of our vision is that individuality is something to celebrate.

Every moment matters because we make it so. From a new laid egg to a poem created in the woods, measuring the height of a sunflower or cheering someone on to score their first ever goal.

The curriculum is constantly evolving as education never stands still - neither do we.

Message from Governors

We aim to ensure that every child has the opportunity to fulfil their potential in a safe and accepting atmosphere. Our role is to be a critical friend with fresh eyes encouraging and supporting the leadership of the school. We do this by challenging and contributing ideas, developing the curriculum and monitoring school development.

Message from the Children

“I want to believe that I can do anything…even maths.”

“I want to be confident, talented and unpredictable.”

“I want to be responsible and caring.”

“I want to be happy about the future and I want to be brave.”

“I want the courage to do the things I couldn’t do before.”

Our inspection reports say…

“The school takes exceptional care of all its pupils and does that bit extra to ensure that all groups of pupils, including those who are shy or whose circumstances may make them vulnerable as well as those who are confident and capable, have equal opportunities to flourish.”

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“The best lessons are characterised by a fast pace, imaginative activities and lots of first-hand experiences. The school turns pupils into lively, articulate, confident young people and this prepares them well for their future lives.”

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“The school has excellent relationships with parents and carers and does that little bit extra to make sure that everyone engages with the school’s work.”

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“Pupils are extremely proud of their school and make an outstanding contribution to it and the local community.”

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