Healthy Choices

In North Yorkshire, around a fifth of children are above a healthy weight when they start school at the age
of four years.  This rises to around a third of children by the time they leave primary school.

The risks of being above a healthy weight in childhood include: low self-esteem and bullying, breathing difficulties and sleep problems, bone and joint problems, poor physical fitness and high blood pressure.  An overweight child has a greatly increased chance of becoming an overweight adult, with potentially serious long-term health consequences.

The Healthy Choices Programme is a free, family-focused healthy lifestyle service for 4-19 year olds in North Yorkshire that fall above a healthy weight.  Delivered over a period of up to 12 weeks, Healthy Choices provides families with the knowledge and tools to support them to make positive food choices and other lifestyle behaviour changes, using fun and engaging activities.

In order to engage in our programme, children must meet the following inclusion criteria:

Families are able to self-refer via the Healthy Choices website: or by ringing the Healthy Choices team on 01609 798081.