Learning Idea!

Hello again everyone!

I love seeing all of the photographs of you sharing your learning with me. 

I also got a couple of answers to my nature question. William saw a pheasants eggs hatch! I've attached the pictures below and Eliza saw a white butterfly and the leaves moving in the wind. 

I was also sent a brilliant game from Eliza and her Mummy. It's an adaptation of the floor is lava! First they lay out cards with tricky words/numbers on the ground and these are the safe zones. Then Eliza's Mummy says one of the tricky words/numbers and Eliza had to jump on the right one before the lava monster could catch her. How fun! I've added a photo below of Eliza playing.

A extra challenge could be to have lots of numbers on the ground and then you say calculations for them to find the answer to. E.g. 6 + 3 = child steps on 9. 

Stay safe

Miss Tye 

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