The Green Tree Award

Sharow I have been so impressed with all of the photographs I have received so far. I can tell you have all been so busy with home learning. After all of your hard work so far, we have achieved the Silver Award!

I wanted to share some of the amazing work that I have been sent. There have been truly imaginative tree champions, thoughtful tree decorations and lovely tree themed snacks!

Ruby, from Class 1, decorated the tree outside her front door. This is a special memory tree for Ruby and she used her paper chain to recognise some of the reasons that trees are so important. 

Millie from Class 2, Isla C from Class 2 and Oliver T from Class 3 all created brilliant tree champions. I love the reasons they used for their champion liking trees so much. They are all so different, great work everyone!

William and Milly, Class 4 and Class 5, had a family tree party under their beautiful blossom tree. They had snacks which came from trees including apples, bananas and nuts. It looks like a lovely day to celebrate trees!

Beatrix and Millie, Class 1 and Class 2, also shared a tree party in their back garden. They decorated with bunting and had some afternoon tea. It looks very tasty!  Millie noted how she thought that trees were really clever because of the way they communicate through their root systems. 

Amelia and Evelyn, Class 1 and Class 3, have been caring for the trees in the wild field behind their home. They have been very dedicated as these are trees, they planted themselves over the years. Unfortunately, somebody illegally cut down lots of trees so they are doing their part by replenishing the tree numbers. 

William, Class 4, was also using his craft skills last week to reuse a plastic bottle. He created this fabulous piggy bank and named him Rasher. A brilliant idea to reuse our plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. I wonder if anyone else would like to create a piggy bank now?

Thank you so much Sharow for all of your support and sharing. I can truly feel the sense of community from everyone working towards this goal. Now we have achieved silver why stop there? If you haven’t already completed one of the activities previously sent then please have a go I would love to see what you get up to. 

Maybe you have been doing something else environmentally friendly like Amelie and Evelyn caring for trees or William reusing old plastic. I would love to see all of these activities too. 

Please continue to send all of your eco activity photographs to

Stay safe.

Miss Tye 

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