We have had a lovely first week back and had so much fun on World Book Day, getting dressed up as our favourite characters! Which characters can you spot from the pictures?

We worked really well in teams during our World Book Day quiz.  There were some wonderful examples of democracy being used to decide on the answer to some of those really tricky questions.  Do you know who wrote Peter Pan or which animal Wilbur is in the story Charlotte's Web? 

We then looked at all the different genres of books and each member of the class picked out the genre they would choose if they were writing their own book.  We thought about an interesting title (to hook in the reader) an eye-catching design, a snappy, concise blurb, an ISBN number and even the price! There were some wonderful ideas... well done Class 4.

Which book would you pick?

'101 Ways to deal with glitches' 

'Marvelous magic for beginners'

'Brilliant Baking for children'

'Harry Potter secrets and where to discover them'

'Mystical mermaid adventures - part one'

'Jolly Jokes to make your parents giggle'

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