Brimham Rocks Adventures...

What a fun week we have had!  We started the week with an amazing trip to Brimham Rocks, can you remember the names of the rock formations we were able to find using the map?  We now understand that over millions of years the soil, sand and softer rock have been eroded away to leave the stunning rock formations that we could see on Monday.  We were able to navigate our way around the site with our maps and had great fun scrambling over, under and through the rocks.  It was lovely to see new friendships blossoming with our friends at Skelton, the Year 6 children were fantastic leaders.

We were all saddened to hear that there had been a fire at Brimham Rocks on the day after our visit.  We read the newspaper report as a class and discussed the impact of the fire on the plants and wildlife.  We hope that the huge area that was damaged will be able to recover and we were so pleased that the firefighters did such a good job to prevent it from spreading any further.  Brimham Rocks is a great place to return to with your families... you could give them a guided tour and try to find the wobbly rock!

Well done Class 4.

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