One kind word... Anti-bullying Morning 310322

On Thursday morning, we took time to think about Anti-bullying and what we can do to make our school a place where everyone can flourish.  Class 4 is always ready for a challenge and we were excited about our new 'Buddy Bench' project on Thursday morning.  We were kindly donated an old bench and we worked together throughout the morning to turn it into something truly beautiful.  Hard work, patience and a steady hand meant that we could transform the bench into something that can make a real difference in the playground.  When someone is feeling lonely or sad, they can sit on the Buddy Bench and someone will then come to offer them support and hopefully a kind word. 

We looked at the poem 'One Kind Word' by Fiona Halliday and we have realised how powerful a kind word can be.  We hope to continue thinking about kindness and the children have acts of kindness posters that they will bring home to share. Our bench still needs a little bit of work, but it will hopefully be ready for Monday next week.  Well done Class 4!

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