Home Learning so far...

Thank you for the lovely pictures you have been sending us, it is lovely to see how busy you all have been!

We hope you are enjoying our Class Challenge... remember you only have until Friday 8th May to send your video clips to us.

Please keep sending us photos of your work and we are keeping everything crossed that we get to see you all again soon!

Take care and stay safe...

Mrs Dixon & Mrs Snodgrass

PS.  Milly has been busy writing another version of the Assassin; we think it is brilliant, what do you think?

A Twilight Assassin:

Breathless with eager anticipation, pupils locked on the rustling rug of green before him, the ‘Twilight Assassin’ quivered gleefully in elation;  with the eerie gloom night that had delivered shrouding him, the stealthy executioner hastened his breaths in grim apprehension as he awaited restlessly for the near arrival of his prey .

A soft scuttling in the breeze-blown turf signalled his casualty had, willingly, entered the killer’s territory, bearing the blessing of The End above his innocent, fluffy-haired head.

One single second past, in which a subtle yet brisk wind bristled the merciless slayer’s unkempt whiskers.

The murderer leaped, soaring through the crisp air, to land directly on his now paralysed victim: a purr of triumph liberated from his lips. This was true happiness! The demonic death-bringing devil devoured his toy of entertainment, the squeaks of terror now certainly ceased.

He was immediately impatient for another kill.


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