London 2020

The Year 5 & 6 pupils have had a wonderful time in London making ever lasting memories.

They have been extremely busy during their time away. Visiting famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Nelson’s Column, Downing Street and many more, learning new and exciting facts. They have gained lots of information from their tour of the Houses of Parliament, the guided walk through the City of London, experienced the thrill of the London Eye, the spectacular ‘School of Rock’ musical and the National History museum too.

Most importantly, the children all discovered how independent they were and each and every one represented our school beautifully. It was lovely that we received many comments about how well behaved and polite our school pupils were during the visit.

The children have all thoroughly enjoyed their residential and discovered a lot about themselves; many saying how brave they felt for conquering their fear of heights and going on the London Eye; how they never knew museums could be so cool and discovering how the laws of our country are made.

The children are all very excited about visiting London again in the future with their friends and family…they will be the perfect guides!

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