Leeds Museum: Ancient Egypt Workshop


Class 5 had a fantastic time visiting the Leeds City Museum and taking part in the Ancient Egypt workshop.

The children were given the opportunity to be Tomb Raiders and explore the many artifacts; noting down and drawing their findings. We also saw a real mummy inside its sarcophagus! The children were extremely inquisitive and asked our guide lots of valuable questions. 

Back in the Museum's Learning Space, the class then recreated the process of mummification; first pulling out the brain with a hook through the nose, then removing all the organs and placing them in the correct canopic jars. The children also got the chance to make their own Egyptian amulet to keep.

Over the next few weeks, the class will be using these experiences to recount the mummification process and put it in to practice on a Barbie doll to go inside their own sarcophagus! Plus write their own 'Mummy' inspired short story, which will be recorded on to a DVD to share at home.

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