Murton Park - Anglo-Saxon Day

On Monday our class had the opportunity to go to Murton Park for an Anglo-Saxon experience day. We met Sister Mildred and Sister Frances who took us down to their village. They explained that we may meet Mother Abess who was in charge. During our day we were put to work making candles, writing scripts using dipping pens and cleaning the chapter house (playing an old Anglo-Saxon game!)

In the afternoon we learnt about farming, how they used to hoe the land for 12 hour days and finally how to defend our village from other kingdoms. We were very tired from the farming but realised this was the most important job in an Anglo-Saxon village as it was how they got all their food and clothes. 

Unfortunately, whilst we were guarding the village a Mercian appeared! The guards ran back to the main village to raise the alarm. The guards had to scare off the Mercian with their spears and charging; all whilst being cheered on by the rest of the villagers.

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