Our New class pets!

Meet Shelly and Popcorn our Giant African Land Snails!

In Summer term we raised a fantastic £53.90 from the sale of our amazing windmills. The money went towards our new class pets and their home.

Popcorn is an albino so is extra unique! They're only babies (3 months old) so are very small at the moment but we hope to capture their growth by taking a photo of the snails each week for the next year, to track and see how big they will get.

We have all held our new snails which are super friendly and really inquisitive. We talked about their special environment and food they eat. We had lots of really good questions and were very sensible when handling our new pets. We all have weekly classroom helper roles assigned so each week two children will be making sure our snails are fed, watered and their environment is kept moist and not too cold.

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