Fire Safety...

Yesterday, we were able to spend time with the local fire brigade.  They explained to us: the potential hazards around the home, how to prevent a fire and what to do if there ever was a fire in the house.  The children listened really carefully and were able to ask relevant questions in response to what they had been told.  Many of the children could explain where a smoke detector was in their house and promised that they would go home to make sure they had a plan, just in case there ever was a need to get out of the house quickly.

We then got to go outside to look at the kit and equipment the fire brigade uses when dealing with an emergency.  They told the children that they don't just deal with fires and everything they need is on the fire engine - including a way to get more water if needed.  The children really enjoyed trying on the kit and especially enjoyed looking through the thermal imaging camera - which detects body heat and can be used in really dark and smoke-filled places.  Alistair then asked Josh, the firefighter, how would they find a snake in the smoky room as they are cold-blooded.  Josh then told Alistair that this isn't a problem they have experienced YET but praised Alistair for his wonderful science knowledge! : )

Thea was able to tell us lots of information about the fire brigade, as her Daddy is a fire fighter - he sometimes drives the fire engine! It was wonderful to see how engaged the children were and for them to have such a positive experience. 

Well done Bach class! 

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