Working scientifically...

Another busy week and we have really enjoyed all of the science activities.  We have been using our new scientific vocabulary within our lessons and I have been so impressed with all the reasoning and problem-solving that has taken place each day.  

Can you remember what these words mean?

  • Transparent (think of the glass in the window)
  • Opaque (think of the curtains in a bedroom)
  • Absorbent (think of the sponge)
  • Non- absorbent (think of the umbrella)

We had a problem to solve... a huge hole in an umbrella!  Which material could we use to patch up the hole?  We know that different materials have different properties and we then decided that we could test the absorbency of each material.  We knew that we wanted the least absorbent material for our umbrella.  We made our predictions and then agreed that it was important to make sure it was a fair test.  The children decided we could be a fair test by using the same amount of water each time. 

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experiment and we will complete our conclusions next week.  

Well done Bach Class. 

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