• Quotes

    “I am excited all the time and looking forward to maths, playtime, thinking about art, drawing, my project at home and everything!”

    “School…it’s like your home, the way everyone knows your name.”

    “Everyone cares and they listen to what you say.”

    “Teachers praise you when something is good and don’t criticise you when it is not so good.”

    “I like maths but long division takes me a long time. The teachers help me.”

    “School is a great place to be at all times.”

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  • School Council

    Working together on projects is fun. Even our parents got homework for our quiet garden when we asked them for their ideas. Thank you to one of our parents for creating the final design.

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  • Our Animals

    Having our hens and guinea pigs helps us to learn about caring for animals

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  • Educational Visits

    We love school trips and even our teachers love to dress up.

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  • Sporting Events

    We love sport at Sharow. We plan sports day ourselves and compete with other children from local schools in lots of sports. We love to swim and selected year groups have lessons each year at the local pool.

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